May 3, 2009

Long Term - Flash Back

Long Term - Flashback
By Slave Bailee
So Monday, Master Peter decided it was time for some long term bondage. In the morning i was woken by a bucket of water. then he lifted me off the floor by my hair, he kissed me shoving his tongue down my throat. From there i was taken into his spare bedroom.

     There was a metal pole in the middle of a room he had riveted to the floor, this was new to me I assumed he must of done it last night after he had instructed me to go to sleep, from there he used leather cuffs attached to rope to the hooks we had installed in the ceiling when we started playing with the idea of bondage and bdsm.
From that point i was dangling about three feet off the ground, this is one of those moments where i said, this couldn't get anymore uncomfortable, and then it did. He brought two wooden blocks that he had cut from large fence post we had left over from building a fence for his parents. He put these under my feed so all my weight was forced on my toes or i went back to dangling there by my wrists. The dildo pole was placed under me impaling me, i bucked trying to get it in a more comfortable position but did not have much luck.

     I remained there most of day and all i have to say is, I am still very sore. Yeesh. Thankfully my loving Master came by a couple times that day letting me sip water from a straw keeping my hydrated, thankfully i was able to hold it in all day and was not forced to pee on myself. Although boy I was glad to go to the bathroom after the insanity had ended. Master promised that he would not do to this to me without allowing me to recover from it for awhile. It's always good to remember to let your slaves recover from hardcore positions that you've placed them in for a long time. 

May 2, 2009

Flashback - Day 2

Flash Back - Day 2
By Slave Bailee

 So I know in my last post i was not that descriptive of the events that actually happened Saturday night however I just wanted to get my point across with the idea of bdsm relationships and the alternative lifestyle.

     Sunday was interesting, I was a little surprised when Peter made me sleep on the floor. The first rule I have is to never wear clothing, except, his collar I must have on at all times. If i muse leave the house he has some very specific dress codes for me which I will get into later. 

    After scrubbing his bathrooms and kitchen on my hands and knees with a rag most of sunday morning and afternoon. Peter decided to tie me up in a suspended hog tie in his living room. He gagged me and blindfolded me. I hung their squirming, suspension is not usually my thing however. Then he proceeded to run his hands down my body and begin petting my cunt. I arched my body trying to get his fingers on it more. 

     He continued to finger me teasing my helpless clitoris, then out of know where *whack* he gave my pussy a hard slap with his hand. From there he inserted a butt plug. I grunted, urning for more attention to my sex, however there was not much i could do. From that point on he played with me with a small but powerful vibrator, moving from my nipples to my cunt as my juices covered this occasionally he rubbed the thing on my face. Finally after about an hour or so of light cumming used the suspended tie like a swing impaling my silken tissue on his cock, my moans and screams of pleasure trapped by the cruel ball gag.

     After that he left me there in the afterglow of my experience and went to play World of Warcraft (which i also play) I was a lil annoyed to be ignored but it is part of the process. I accept the fact that I have a long way to go in my training and that I was raised in a society that is complete backwards from what I desire my Master to re-educate my social and behavioral mindset.   

    This was the first time he had tied me to the point to where I could not slip out of the ropes if I really wanted too. Being truly helpless is oddly enough a freeing experience. The screaming into my gag during this released so much stress and frustration. Despite the sexual frustration Peter put me through when he finally gave me release it was amazing!

May 1, 2009

Flashback: Day 1

Flash Back - Day 1
By Slave Bailee

Saturday night was a very interesting experience, my boyfriend Peter initiated my slave training. After about seven months of talking between the two of us, coming up with restrictions, my likes, and dislikes in bondage in bdsm. Before I begin the re-account of the events that took place on Saturday I would like to note that, Bailee and Peter are not our real names. While we may be open about our actions within the bdsm community on the internet, we are not ready to go public with our lifestyle to many of our family and friends. For those of you who knows us please keep any comments off our blog and site that would give away any real information about our identities.

On saturday night i was a wreck, you can imagine beginning something that makes you give up all your rights and complete give yourself over to someone can be nerve wracking. It requires a good deal of trust. However, I'm starting to realize that it can be an excellent help to a relationship builder, if both parties are trusting. Trust is one of the most important things in the relationship however I warn that if you love a girl, you can talk to her about this stuff, but let her come to you when she wants to try something new. Suggest stuff, but do not pressure her, when
she is ready to try something, she will come to you.

Walking up the stairs to Peter's apartment I knocked. It was not raining, however the streets were damp. He opened the door expecting me and greeted me saying, "welcome beautiful." with a warm smile we greeted each other and embraced sharing a passionate kiss. (Even in a relationship in a master slave if you can not be yourself, have a sense of humor, and foster positive thoughts about your relationship, in the end your slave will be miserable or you will lose her and be leaving her very emotionally damaged.)

He lead me into his bedroom where I stripped as we had previously arranged. I kneeled before him placing my hands behind my back, spreading my legs, and thrusting my chest towards him. He took my chin and lifted it towards his eyes, we connected and he gave a wicked smile. I could feel my body responding to the situation, the humiliation was a rather arousing to me.

He pulled out his cock and i begin to suck it, we have not yet had sexual intercourse because we are waiting until marriage however we are sexually active with one another. After about thirty to twenty five minutes later i successfully brought him to orgasm. He was very pleased with me. I knew that our sessions would not always be so light, and that things would get more extreme as we went, however he promised me we would start slow, and this was nice.

You need to remember that when you finish with a session, or even the next day after a session is over. It is not a good idea to tell a girl what their mistakes are immediately. Their are not that many full time slaves out their who live the lifestyle twenty-four seven. You have to realize its a game, and that you've got to worry about the desires of your partner as well as yourself. In a relationship, the objective is for two people to become one. This does not change regardless of what society or lifestyle you come from. Just some thoughts from a slave, keep them in mind.

God Bless,
Slave Bailee

The Frogtie

The Frog Tie
By Slave Bailee

Last night Master Peter decided to put me in a frog tie. While i was in this position I was given a full body whipping. About half way through the body whipping he inserted a rather large dildo. At work today I felt so embarassed, a Hispanic girl I work with teased me a lot today. Master Peter instructed me to tell anyone who asked about the marks to tell them, they are from my boyfriend, we play rough, I love pain and it makes me wet. Yeesh. What a day.