May 3, 2009

Long Term - Flash Back

Long Term - Flashback
By Slave Bailee
So Monday, Master Peter decided it was time for some long term bondage. In the morning i was woken by a bucket of water. then he lifted me off the floor by my hair, he kissed me shoving his tongue down my throat. From there i was taken into his spare bedroom.

     There was a metal pole in the middle of a room he had riveted to the floor, this was new to me I assumed he must of done it last night after he had instructed me to go to sleep, from there he used leather cuffs attached to rope to the hooks we had installed in the ceiling when we started playing with the idea of bondage and bdsm.
From that point i was dangling about three feet off the ground, this is one of those moments where i said, this couldn't get anymore uncomfortable, and then it did. He brought two wooden blocks that he had cut from large fence post we had left over from building a fence for his parents. He put these under my feed so all my weight was forced on my toes or i went back to dangling there by my wrists. The dildo pole was placed under me impaling me, i bucked trying to get it in a more comfortable position but did not have much luck.

     I remained there most of day and all i have to say is, I am still very sore. Yeesh. Thankfully my loving Master came by a couple times that day letting me sip water from a straw keeping my hydrated, thankfully i was able to hold it in all day and was not forced to pee on myself. Although boy I was glad to go to the bathroom after the insanity had ended. Master promised that he would not do to this to me without allowing me to recover from it for awhile. It's always good to remember to let your slaves recover from hardcore positions that you've placed them in for a long time. 

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog thru a friend's and the experience you describe does sound very creative. It seems as if Master Peter will be a very sensory intensive Master. Good luck =)