May 2, 2009

Flashback - Day 2

Flash Back - Day 2
By Slave Bailee

 So I know in my last post i was not that descriptive of the events that actually happened Saturday night however I just wanted to get my point across with the idea of bdsm relationships and the alternative lifestyle.

     Sunday was interesting, I was a little surprised when Peter made me sleep on the floor. The first rule I have is to never wear clothing, except, his collar I must have on at all times. If i muse leave the house he has some very specific dress codes for me which I will get into later. 

    After scrubbing his bathrooms and kitchen on my hands and knees with a rag most of sunday morning and afternoon. Peter decided to tie me up in a suspended hog tie in his living room. He gagged me and blindfolded me. I hung their squirming, suspension is not usually my thing however. Then he proceeded to run his hands down my body and begin petting my cunt. I arched my body trying to get his fingers on it more. 

     He continued to finger me teasing my helpless clitoris, then out of know where *whack* he gave my pussy a hard slap with his hand. From there he inserted a butt plug. I grunted, urning for more attention to my sex, however there was not much i could do. From that point on he played with me with a small but powerful vibrator, moving from my nipples to my cunt as my juices covered this occasionally he rubbed the thing on my face. Finally after about an hour or so of light cumming used the suspended tie like a swing impaling my silken tissue on his cock, my moans and screams of pleasure trapped by the cruel ball gag.

     After that he left me there in the afterglow of my experience and went to play World of Warcraft (which i also play) I was a lil annoyed to be ignored but it is part of the process. I accept the fact that I have a long way to go in my training and that I was raised in a society that is complete backwards from what I desire my Master to re-educate my social and behavioral mindset.   

    This was the first time he had tied me to the point to where I could not slip out of the ropes if I really wanted too. Being truly helpless is oddly enough a freeing experience. The screaming into my gag during this released so much stress and frustration. Despite the sexual frustration Peter put me through when he finally gave me release it was amazing!

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